09/17/2012 10:21 am ET

Answering The 'What Is Your Weakness' Question

Dear Evil HR Lady,
I have an interview next week for a manager position. I am seeking your help answering the question: What is your greatest weakness?

Here are three I've identified for myself: 1. I am not good listener (but I am working on it); 2. Sometimes I am tough on my team and drive with tight reins; 3. I am too involved in work -- that is my weakness and strength at the same time (a weakness for my family, and a strength for my company).

I'm so pleased that you're thinking about this question before stepping into a job interview. It's a common, albeit stupid, question. There are no real "right" answers. It's not as if the hiring manager will say, "Oh, super! We've been looking for someone who procrastinates and spends half the day on Facebook!"

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