09/17/2012 04:41 pm ET

Fox News' Steve Doocy: Occupy Wall Street 'Almost Looks Like What Happened Last Week In Libya'

During a Monday segment on the anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Fox News anchor Steve Doocy took the opportunity to compare Occupy protests to recent protests against the United States in the Arab world.

"That almost looks like what happened last week in Libya and in Cairo," Doocy said on "Fox & Friends" on Monday, while airing footage that appeared to be at least several months old. "We're talking about the Occupy forces moving out."

In reality, demonstrations marking Occupy Wall Street's first anniversary have been relatively mild, with only a few hundred protesters marching in downtown New York City on Monday.

The Guardian reported 135 arrests of OWS participants late Monday afternoon. But Doocy and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder used the anniversary as an opportunity to contrast Occupy unfavorably to the Tea Party movement.

"The biggest mark the Occupy movement has made really over the last year has been a mark of crime," said Crowder, during the same segment. He argued that while the Tea Party movement is tied to conservatism, the Occupy movement "is entirely based on selfish motives" and "based on wanting more free crap."

Doocy agreed with Crowder and noted that there have been more than 7,000 arrests linked to the Occupy Wall Street movement over the past year. As for the Tea Party, he claimed, "I don't think they had seven arrests, let alone 7,000."

(Hat tip: Media Matters.)