09/18/2012 02:33 pm ET

Izzy Hadala, 13, Writes Anti-Bullying Book Based On Her Own Experiences (VIDEO)

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Izzy Hadala is no stranger to bullying. The 13-year-old from Orlando was born with ectodermal dysplasia, a genetic condition that prevents her hands, toes, and teeth from fully developing, and not all of her peers were sympathetic at school. So, Izzy took a stand for herself -- and for kids everywhere who feel different.

This August, she published The First Day Speech, a children's book about a first-grader named Nathan with a facial cleft. Izzy explains, "He writes a speech on the first day of school, so the kids can ask him questions, so there are no questions or staring or awkwardness." The story is based on her own experiences.

"I've been bullied a lot, so I know what it's like to be on that side of the fence. Since I have a voice now, I can go out there and tell everyone that people who are different on the outside are the same on the inside," Izzy told MSNBC.

Izzy has been speaking out about anti-bullying since the first grade, but now, she brings copies of The First Day Speech with her. "I really want people to see me as someone who's different, but also making a difference," she says.

Earlier this summer, South Carolina high school student Angel McGowan published her own book on bullying, STOMP OUT the Bullying!, after winning the Great American No Bull Challenge, a contest to create an anti-bullying PSA.

She told Fox News: "I have close friends who have dealt with it and it hurt me to see them feeling the way they did."

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