09/17/2012 03:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Obama Photobombed By Peeing Man At Ohio Rally? (PHOTO) [UPDATED]

UPDATE -- 5:10 p.m.:

Donovan Slack, the Politico reporter who snapped the photo, got in touch with the Secret Service, which told him the subject was with them and most definitely not peeing:

Well, the Secret Service now says the man is their employee and he was not urinating. Agents typically face away from the president and watch for threats that may be headed his way, in this case, from the woods.

“The individual in the light blue shirt in the background of the photo is one of our personnel,” Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan said. “There is no accuracy to the reporting associated with this photo thus far.”


President Barack Obama was campaigning in Cincinnati, Ohio on Monday, talking China policy in front of thousands gathered at Eden Park.

In a photo tweeted out by Politico, however, one attendee stuck out like a sore thumb. Standing on a grassy hill behind the president, a man in a lightly colored shirt appears to have been caught in the frame, assuming a stance indicative of someone who might be relieving himself.

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