09/17/2012 11:53 am ET

MTA Fare Hike? 2013 New York City Budget May Mean $2.50 Subway Ride

The MTA is reportedly considering fare-hike proposals seeking to raise enough money to close the $382 million needed to balance the upcoming 2013 budget.

The Daily News reports the proposals are likely to include the following changes:

  • Eliminate the 7% MetroCard bonus. A rider who now puts10 on a MetroCard gets an additional 70 cents of added value.
  • Raise the base bus and subway fare to 2.50, from 2.25.
  • Raise the price of an unlimited-ride MetroCard by 5%. A 7-Day MetroCard, now 29, would cost about 30. A monthly MetroCard, now 104, would cost about 109.

The proposals will include details on employee wages, as 64 out of the MTA's 65 unions are currently working without a contract.

The 2013 budget does not account for any wage increases, and therefore the reported fare hikes may be even steeper.

MTA chairman Jay Lhota has said union workers are unwilling to budge on certain rules and commented, "Clearly, incremental improvements would be transformational."

The agency is set to unveil the proposals next month.