09/17/2012 06:56 am ET

'Sins & Secrets': Woman Kills Husband With Hydrochloric Acid (VIDEO)

One of the policemen who arrived on the scene of Tim Schuster's death described it as "one of the most disgusting things I’d ever seen in my life" on "Sins & Secrets." Larissa and Tim were going through a divorce in 2003, but Larissa wasn't happy with how things were progressing. Tim had apparently taken some of her stuff, and according to TruTV, he wouldn't back down in financial disputes.

Larissa was apparently the more dominant one in the relationship, so she was none too happy to be facing resistance from him. She'd even taken control of filing for the divorce a year prior. Finally, she decided to take matters completely in her hand. She'd already boasted that she could kill Tim and get away with it.

With the aid of a man who lived down the street, she kidnapped and bound Tim. Larissa, a chemist, had a barrel waiting for him and killed him by pouring hydrochloric acid over his body while he was still alive.

"He either died from inhaling the fumes or just being immersed in the acid," an officer said. "A pretty horrific way to die."

Larissa was caught and sentenced to life without parole in 2008.

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