09/17/2012 12:56 pm ET

'The Office' Blooper Supercut You've Been Waiting For Is Here (VIDEO)

With the American version of "The Office" coming to an end after nine seasons, what better way to say goodbye than with a hilarious blooper reel?

Thanks to an ambitious YouTuber, there's a new 18-minute supercut of the show's funniest bloopers from seasons two through seven for us to enjoy. Even if you stopped laughing at "The Office" after the earlier seasons, you'll still get a kick out of watching the cast repeatedly crack up.

Highlights include Steve Carell and Tim Meadows singing the Chili's baby back ribs song, Kevin sitting on Santa (Michael Scott's) lap and Michael Scott's up-robe shot that gives Pam a little more than she bargained for. Watch it above and tell us your favorite gag in the comments.

Via The Daily What