09/18/2012 12:32 pm ET

Colbert Takes On Romney's Libya Response Disaster (VIDEO)

Poor Stephen Colbert. He has so many opinions to bestow upon Americans, but every few months Comedy Central forces him to take time off. But as soon as he got back this week, he weighed in Mitt Romney's response to the riots that claimed the lives of Americans in the Middle East.

Specifically, Colbert took on Romney's immediate response which slammed the Obama administration for failing to condemn the violent attacks... before the violent attacks occurred. The GOP presidential nominee was roundly criticized by both sides for his tone-deaf response, but Colbert applauded Romney. He even suggested that Sarah Palin should be his foreign policy adviser, because "to her, all policy is foreign."

Colbert reserved special comments for the film that may or may not have sparked the protests: "It combines the production values of a basement porno, the acting talents of an 18th century syphillis sanatorium and a script transcribed from arguments overheard in a bus station bathroom."

At least Romney has had no problems whatsoever since he bungled that response.



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