09/18/2012 10:29 am ET

Danielle Barron Allegedly 'Addicted To Money', Committed Prostitution Near Infant

A Florida mom claims that an addiction to money led her to prostitute herself from home while her infant and boyfriend waited outside, cops say.

Neighbors filed complaints against Danielle Nicole Barron, 32, because she was allegedly turning tricks at her Bradenton home, Patch reports.

Undercover officers set up a sting, and called Barron using a classified ad she'd posted on While talking to her on the phone, an officer reported that he heard a baby crying in the background, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Barron met the detective and demanded $200 for her services, the newspaper's website reports. She was arrested on the spot.

At the Bradenton Police Department, Barron reportedly told cops that she had been prostituting herself for two years because she was "addicted to money" according to the Sentinel. She said she knew it was dangerous to bring clients into her home with an infant inside. She also claimed that she made her boyfriend take the infant outside when she was working.

Child Protective Services has removed the child from the home, WTSP reports.



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