09/18/2012 01:41 pm ET Updated Sep 18, 2012

Galaxy S4 In Early 2013? Samsung Shoots Down Rumor Via Tweet

Simmer down, Samsung fans.

With a single tweet, Samsung managed to save fans of its popular Galaxy series of smartphones months of the sort of gadget anxiety Apple lovers have grown accustom to. On Tuesday, the company revealed that it wouldn't be launching a new smartphone (unofficial called "Galaxy S4") earlier than perviously expected.

The rumor -- that Samsung was preparing to unveil the successor to the hit Galaxy S3 "superphone" in February 2013 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona -- apparently began with an anonymously sourced report in the Korea Times about a February announcement and a March release date for the next Galaxy phone.

Samsung, however, was quick and brutal to nip the rumor in the bud. It fired off the following tweet from its Korean-language handle:

According to Google Translate, this means, basically, that the rumor is false.

Samsung's response is notable in how starkly it differs from how Apple handles rumors. Namely, Apple does everything in its power to avoid talking to the media about its forthcoming products, leaving it to rumor blogs to hype up fans. Samsung, on the other hand, apparently isn't afraid to kill a rumor if it's way off base.

Ahead of the launch of the iPhone 4S in 2011, the wildest speculation suggested that Apple would use the launch event to unveil two handests, a high-end iPhone 5 and lower-end iPhone 4S. This never happened, of course. Apple could've straightened out the confusion beforehand, but chose not to. The company later blamed the runaway hype surrounding the event for lower-than-expected profits that quarter.

As for real news on the next Samsung flagship phone: Samsung did announced new computer chips for the "next-generation mobile devices" on Tuesday, meaning that the "Galaxy S4" (or whatever it'll be called) is coming eventually, if not in early 2013. Expect Samsung to hold off on the tweets when those rumors start flying.

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