09/18/2012 02:34 pm ET

Jeremy Lin Sleeping On Chandler Parson's Couch (TWEETS)


Despite signing a lucrative contract with the Houston Rockets during the offseason, Jeremy Lin still seems to be struggling to find a place to crash.

Whether by design or not, Lin is apparently going back to his way of living when Linsanity first swept the nation, at least for a night or two. According to a Twitpic of a text message posted by Houston forward Chandler Parsons, Lin asked him if he could sleep on his couch until his "furniture comes in."

As anyone captivated by Lin's whirlwind rise to stardom would know, crashing on the sofa be nothing new for the new Rockets point guard. During Lin's emergence with the New York Knicks, he was sleeping in his brother's couch in a one-bedroom apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

After signing a three-year deal worth $25 million with Houston, this should be the last time he needs to crash at a friend's place. Unless, the couch is the secret to his success.



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