09/18/2012 09:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Takeru Kobayashi Joins Team To Buy Hofmann's, Country's Oldest Hot Dog Company (VIDEO)

World record-holding competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi, most famous for the amount of hot dogs he can stuff into his mouth in 10 minutes, has gone one step further in his dedication to the dog. He's signed on to an investment team to buy Hofmann's, the oldest hot dog company in the country.

Hofmann's has been around since 1879 but has only been available in central New York. With the help of a motley crew of investors including Dallas Mavericks president Frank Zaccanelli, Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim, football legend Roger Staubach and Fuddruckers and Macaroni Grill founder Phil Romano, the company has expanded its retail division in Wegmans, Albertson's and other supermarkets. Additionally, Hofmann's will open restaurants around the country, starting with Dallas. It hopes to be a nationally recognized brand.

In order for Kobayashi to join the team as a partner and brand ambassador, he wanted his own brand of hot dogs within the Hofmann brand. He is working directly with Rusty Flook, a fifth generation Hofmann hot dog maker. The product has yet to be completed -- a representative of Kobayashi's told The Huffington Post that the product may take some time to develop.

Kobayashi is jazzed enough about this brand and partnership that he has created a "day in the life" commercial for the company. In the ad, Kobayashi does all sorts of everyday tasks such as wake up (and eat a hot dog), brush his teeth (and eat a hot dog), send text messages (and eat a hot dog), etc. But, the only time that Kobayashi actually uses a bun and takes time to eat a hot dog is when it is Hofmann's. Adorable.




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