09/18/2012 04:32 pm ET

Obama, Romney Impersonators Play Basketball At West 4th Street Courts In New York City (VIDEO)

By Andrea Swalec, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

MANHATTAN — As the real Barack Obama swept through the city for another fundraiser, a new web video pits an Obama impersonator against a Mitt Romney lookalike on the West Fourth Street basketball courts.

The video posted Monday shows Obama and Romney impersonators playing the basketball game of PIG — a game in which players have to shoot from the same spots as each other until one of them misses three baskets — for a crowd of baffled onlookers.

"Is that Barack Obama?" one bystander called out.

Obama and Romney's doppelgangers shook hands before they took their shots on the Greenwich Village court.

"It's hard to shoot in a suit," Obama's lookalike said, matching the characteristic cadence of the president's speech.

"Come on, moneybags!" he taunted Romney later in the video.

After a quiet Romney stand-in managed one basket — drawing boos from the crowd — Obama came out on top, besting his opponent 2 to 1.

The video was made by the YouTube entertainment channel NOC, which covers "the personalities and lives of athletes," according to the site.

The pseudo-Romney will get his chance to beat lookalike Obama in other events in the run up to the election, including tag, breakdancing and a hide-and-seek game, the website said.

"Ten weeks, 10 events for the fate of our country," the video said by way of explanation.