09/18/2012 09:18 am ET

Passalacqua, Detroit Hip Hop Duo, Debuts 'Been A Minute' Video

In a new music video Passalacqua shows off their Metro Detroit roots with nods to Faygo and 5 E Gallery, as well as an enviable day-in-the-life of the good-natured hip-hop duo.

Directed by Andrew Miller of the Detroit Journal, the "Been a Minute" video shows Bryan Lackner and Brent Smith (also known as "Mister" and "Blacksmith") enjoying a summer house party -- not a stretch for the old-friends-turned-band. The two MCs met in middle school and joined forces several years ago.

The song was released last year on a self-titled EP, but Passalacqua debuted their new video at Ferndale's DIY Street Fair Sunday in conjunction with a performance that left Metro Times blogger Jeff Milo raving about "their fiercest set yet," though the group plans an overhaul of their eye-catching lives shows.

Watch the "Been a Minute" video above and see what else Passalacqua is up to on their website.



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