09/18/2012 11:26 am ET Updated Sep 18, 2012

Dan Daru, Local Reporter, Makes Little Boy Cry On Live TV (VIDEO)

A local Denver reporter made a toddler cry on live TV.

KDVR Fox 31 feature reporter Dan Daru was covering the Fall Harvest Festival in Platteville, Colo., when he took his joke about a little boy a bit too far.

During his segment, Daru approached the blond, wide-eyed toddler, "Drew the Farm Kid," who was seated in his stroller eating a cantaloupe. Daru then jokes about Drew's appearance, saying he looks like Albert Einstein.

Drew didn't seem too happy about the quip -- or the camera in his face -- so he began to cry.

"This is terrible," Daru says to the camera. "I love that kid."

"Way to go Dan. Way to make a baby boy cry on live television," says Daru's co-anchor back in the studio. "Way to go."

The reporter tries to make amends by singing "If I Only Had A Brain" from "The Wizard of Oz."

Daru told Yahoo! News' The Sideshow that the little boy was perfectly fine in interviews before the live shot, but once the cameras turned on, "He didn't like anything I had to say."

The video gained momentum online, and Daru told Yahoo! that he's heard from old friends and colleagues. "Of all the things you do, this is the video everyone's talking about."

Daru also took to Twitter to claim his innocence.