09/19/2012 08:21 am ET

The Best Under-Appreciated Exercises You Should Be Doing

By Nora Tobin for Shape.com

When it comes to exercises, we tend to focus on movements that promise to lift, tighten, and tone common trouble zones. Personally, I favor the booty-sculpting and tummy-toning set (like these killer moves for a flat stomach). These exercises certainly deserve a spot in your routine, but there are also a few under-appreciated moves that work wonders for keeping your body healthy and pain free.

The following exercises may seem super easy (or even like a waste of time), but they do much more than you think and are crucial for helping your body reach its full potential. I incorporate these exercises into my routine every other day. As a result, I can play beach volleyball at a high level, climb, surf, and snowboard with hardly any risk of my body breaking down.

Exercises You Should Be Doing

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