09/19/2012 07:33 am ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

Bill O'Reilly, Jon Stewart Clash Over Sandra Fluke In Debate Preview (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart came together on Tuesday's "O'Reilly Factor" to preview their upcoming debate in Washington.

As usual, the duel was a mixture of bruising rhetoric and bonhomie. Stewart said he agreed to the debate to bring O'Reilly back "from the dark side." The two bantered about the Democratic convention for a bit before O'Reilly brought up one of his favorite targets, Sandra Fluke.

"I know she's a particular punching bag for you, because God forbid a woman come out of nowhere and speak about an issue close to her heart without having Dr. Doom here raining death from above," Stewart said, as O'Reilly sputtered audibly off-camera.

"Do you want to pay for this woman's birth control?" O'Reilly said. "Do you want to do that?"

"I want to make sure that women are entitled to the same health care benefits that men are entitled to," Stewart replied. "But men don't get that!" O'Reilly said.

"She works for a private institution! I'm not paying for her health care anyway!" Stewart cried. "She wants everybody to get paid for! We have to pick up the dating now!" O'Reilly bellowed.

"Oh for God's sake," Stewart said. "Do you understand the difference between a private institution and a public institution?"

"The Dating Game is going to be on PBS! We'll pay for it!" O'Reilly fumed, somewhat incoherently.

"What did those nuns to do to you to make you so uncomfortable?" Stewart wondered. Then they moved on to Clint Eastwood.



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