Cyndi Lauper Joins Ballets With A Twist For Intimate 'True Colors' Performance In NYC

Cyndi Lauper wants the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community to know that her love truly shows no bounds.

Having already served as a grand marshal for New York City LGBT Pride in June, the legendary pop icon and all-around humanitarian is now set to touch down at New York's XL Nightclub with acclaimed dance troupe Ballets with a Twist for an intimate performance on Sept. 20. Lauper, 59, will sing her 1986 hit "True Colors" -- a particularly appropriate choice, as proceeds from the event will go toward her True Colors Fund, aimed at both combating and raising awareness of homelessness among LGBT youth.

While Lauper's performance will undoubtedly be a highlight, the entire "Cocktail Hour" evening is gearing up to be truly unforgettable. Ballets with a Twist promises an "irreverent suite of dances" that will bring iconic American cocktails and drinks -- with numbers called "Manhattan," "Mai Tai" and even "Absinthe" -- to life. Although the company has performed this signature program elsewhere, choreographer Marilyn Klaus said the troupe has some surprises in store for the XL audience, including unique costumes for the show.

"We are just putting the finishing touches on a ballet made especially for Cyndi," Klaus told HuffPost Gay Voices via email. "All the dancers are excited to be a part of making the world a happier, more beautiful, and tolerant place." Lauper shared those sentiments, calling the show "a fun evening and a great chance to give a damn about equality!"

Several of the troupe's youngest performers also said they were moved by the cause. "I really don't think it's right that kids are treated so badly that they want to run away," said nine-year-old Maya Olson. "I'm glad to be helping people who really need it, and aren't being treated nicely." Added Bella Pitman, 10: "I like helping those kids out of their troubles through our dance."

Cyndi Lauper performs with Ballets with a Twist at New York City's XL Nightclub on Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. For more information on tickets, click here.

Check out some amazing photos of Ballets with a Twist in rehearsal below:

Ballets With A Twist