09/19/2012 06:54 pm ET

James Holmes, Alleged Aurora Shooter, Faces 10 Additional Charges

Prosecutors intend to file 10 new charges against James Holmes, the suspect accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 more in a crowded Colorado movie theater in July.

The court documents filed Tuesday and reported by the Denver Post don't reveal the nature of the new charges and a spokesperson in the district attorney's office declined to spell them out, because of a gag order.

The filings show that prosecutors also plan to amend 17 of the existing 142 charges against the former University of Colorado doctoral student, though the motions don't show what alterations they want to make.

The next hearing on Holmes' case is scheduled for Thursday when these motions can be discussed, according to KUSA.

Tomorrow's hearing is also expected to include arguments over a diary that Holmes, 24, sent to his psychiatrist before the shooting. His attorneys contend the notebook should be withheld from the case, because of doctor-patient confidentiality rules. The prosecutors, however, want to examine it for clues regarding the case.

Dr. Lynne Fenton, Holmes' former psychiatrist, testified at the last hearing on Aug. 30 that she believed her relationship with him ended at his final appointment on June 11.

The journal allegedly contains violent imagery and descriptions similar to the midnight mass shooting at the opening night screening of "The Dark Knight Rises," according to Fox News.

The indictment against Holmes includes two counts of first-degree murder for each victim killed: one count for murder with deliberation and one count for murder with extreme indifference.



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