09/19/2012 06:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Micaela Schaefer Is Union Jack Bride In Most Demure Outfit Ever (PHOTOS)

Micaela Schaefer is a German model-slash-TV personality, famous for appearing on German TV shows such as "Das Dschungelcamp" (their version of "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!") and "Germany's Top Model" and for wearing fantastically skimpy outfits in public to the point of total indecency.

So on the surface, it really really makes no sense Schaefer would be at London Fashion Week, much less in a Union Jack bridal costume. But hey, if there's an event with photographers, Schaefer will be there, skin bared.

Her Fashion Week outfit, a navy halter leotard with an oversized keyhole top and Union Jack bottoms plus some strange Union Jack lip art, was a relatively tame one for Schaefer. The celeb first landed on our radar for her racy "VHS tape dress" which consisted of legit VHS tape precariously wrapped around her body with the ends fluttering in the wind.

In another nearly-nude incident, Schaefer showed her support for Team Germany in the Euro 2012 by wearing two soccer balls over her chest and a tiny sequin Germany flag over her, um, privates. That was the whole outfit.

This British Bride getup is straight-up demure. What's gotten into you, Micaela?!


micaela schaefer

See Micaela's many NSFW outfits:

Meet Micaela Schaefer

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