09/20/2012 12:15 pm ET

Moms Nearly Six Times As Likely As Dads To Be Called 'Bad' Online

The internet has become a much-vaunted battleground in the modern "mommy wars" -- blogs, news sites, and the comments on both are oft-cited as hotbeds of mommy-blaming. Feminist author Jessica Valenti quotes on commenter in her new book, "Why Have Kids": "I get so annoyed with people who choose to plop their kids with someone else [...]. Do your time, ladies!" And headlines like AOL's "Bad News for Working Moms: Your Kids Are More Likely to Be Large" are still pretty much par for the course. The internet can feel like a harsh place for moms -- and a systematic look at the words sites use can give us a clearer picture of what messages moms are getting online.

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