09/20/2012 07:14 pm ET Updated Sep 22, 2012

47-Percenter, Walmart Employee: I Really Supported Romney, Now I'm Not Sure.

Cayt Lawley is a 22-year-old Walmart worker from Arkansas who says that the secretly videotaped statements made by Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney about the 47 percent may have cost him her vote. "Everybody in my family's been Republican," she said. "It goes back in my family. I really supported his conservative values, and he seems laid back. And he seemed like he was going to fight for America to get back to America. Now with him calling us lazy, saying we want a handout, I'm not sure I want him as my president."

As a cashier at Walmart, Lawley earns $7.95 an hour -- not enough to cover the costs of food and rent, or health insurance. "I would love to be one of the people who didn't have to have a handout," she said.

Lawley recently joined an organization that is trying to unionize Walmart workers. She was reluctant at first, but after she received a disciplinary notice for missing a day of work, she concluded that it was worth the risk of getting into further trouble with management. "I was very scared," she said. "But when I really realized what they were fighting for, I knew it was a fight that was worth it."

"While some people, Mitt Romney for example, might think it's our fault, that we're lazy and we just want a handout, if the Waltons would give out a little of what they have, we wouldn't have this problem."



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