09/20/2012 02:06 pm ET Updated Sep 21, 2012

Anderson Cooper Tells Wendy Williams He Used To Steal Cutlery As A Kid (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper appeared on Wendy Williams' daytime talk show on Thursday and revealed an odd childhood habit.

Growing up, Cooper feared for his family's financial security. He was largely unaware of his mother's fame and fortune, and was more in touch with his father's side of the family from Mississippi.

"I always was very concerned about financial security so I started working when I was 10 because I wanted to earn my own money," Cooper said. "I thought, 'One day, if we all go broke, I'll need to support myself.'"

So, young Anderson stole cutlery on airplanes just in case his family lost all its money.

"Not on airplanes, tell them which airplane," Williams said.

"Well that was the funny thing. Anytime we were on an airplane I would steal the cutlery because I thought, 'Well one day, I'll need to have a house of my own, I'll need cutlery, and this will be in case we go broke.' But we were on the Concorde," Cooper said.

He added that he recently found his stash of stolen cutlery, and realized that it was miniature-sized. "I don't know what I was thinking, that I would live in a little house with mice," Cooper joked.



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