09/20/2012 09:09 am ET Updated Sep 21, 2012

Best Friends Forever, Post 50 Style

Lorel Kane and Peggy Gullo just celebrated their 50th anniversary as BFFs -- that's best friends forever. The two, who met at the bus stop in 8th grade in a Chicago suburb, now both live in Houston, Texas. They went through school together, double-dated on Peggy's Sweet 16, were college roommates, and kept their bond strong, even as one put down roots in Texas 38 years ago and the other moved around the country following a career.

"Even during spells where we wouldn't see each other for months, when we got together again, it was just like we never missed a step," said Kane. Now, both 63, the two just returned from celebrating their 50th year of friendship with a trip to Las Vegas.

Gullo recalled the time when Kane had just moved to California and she got a call from her saying she lonely and still not working. Gullo got on the next plane out there to keep her company. And Kane recalled when Gullo's son was just two weeks old, she jumped in to give the exhausted new mom an afternoon off. Kane was the only one Gullo would trust.

Their lives are "linked," said Gullo, who both agree is the more talkative and outgoing of the pair. But this pearl of wisdom about their friendship came from Kane: "Peggy is the only person I can always be myself with. She just accepts me for who I am."

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50 Years Of Friendship