09/24/2012 02:34 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2012

The Bachman WIlson House And 12 Other Frank Lloyd Wright Homes On The Market Now (PHOTOS)

When we learned about the Frank Lloyd Wright house for sale in San Anselmo, CA (and the adorable story about the little boy who wrote a letter in 1956 requesting a matching doghouse), we started to wonder what other incredible Frank Lloyd Wright homes were for sale across the country. That's when we came across Wright on the Market, a page on the The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy website, which includes listings for FLW houses currently up for grabs.

Unfortunately, we found out that not all of these stunning homes come with a cute story like the San Anselmo one. The David Wright House, a truly unique circular home in Phoenix, AZ, has been bought by developers who threaten to demolish it, says the conservancy's executive director Janet Halstead. "It has been 40 years since a FLW home has been deliberately destroyed," she adds. The conservancy is working with other organizations to petition the city of Phoenix to grant the building landmark status, which would delay any demolition permit for three years, buying the organization more time to find an owner who will buy the property from the developers and save the home.

Another home in danger, the Bachman Wilson House in Millstone, NJ, has suffered flooding damage and needs to be moved to a new location in order to save and preserve the architecture. Owner Sharon Tarantino says that they have tried every other option to fix the tendency to flood (they have repaired the house after every incident), but she and her husband (who are both architects) and the conservancy have come to the conclusion that a location change is the only way to fix it. "Our house is unique in that we're searching worldwide for a new steward to move and save our house as a work of art," says Tarantino. "This is really the only possibility at this time where someone can move a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright to wherever they want," she adds.

The conservancy hopes to place ownership in the right hands so that these historic homes will continue to be cared for and appreciated, says Halstead. "That's the best possible thing for protecting Wright's architecture," she says. The benefit of utilizing the conservancy's network, says Halstead, is that owners can be sure that their listings will reach potential buyers who are also passionate about this famous architect's work.

Check out the slideshow below to see more Frank Lloyd Wright homes that are currently on the market.

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