Seven-Year-Old A-nari Taylor Honored For Fighting Off Attempted Abductor (VIDEO)

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David Moore certainly wasn't expecting a pint-sized 7-year-old girl to turn into a crime-fighting hero.

On July 27 this year, A-nari Taylor was playing with her cousin, 4-year-old Brandon Mincey, outside an apartment complex in Miami when Moore walked up to the pair and screamed: “God told me to take him (Brandon), God told me he’s coming with me,” according to NBC News.

When he reportedly started pulling the Brandon, A-nari sprang into action.

"I had to chop and kick him so he could let Brandon go," she told NBC News.

"She always said she wanted to get into karate," said Tanya Dingle, A-nari's mother, in an NBC News video.

Moore has been charged with attempted kidnapping and false imprisonment. Officers awarded Taylor a Sponge Bob Square Pants jacket in front of a cheering crowd on Tuesday.

"I'm very proud of her, what she did was very brave," said Dingle.

Home intruders have been surprised by their victims on many occasions. In June, a 72-year-old woman and her son fought off a masked, crowbar-wielding burglar long enough for police to arrive.

Another 73-year-old grandma stabbed an intruder with a barbeque fork as he attempted to break into her home.