09/21/2012 08:26 am ET

Health Blog Roundup: Why You Should Sit Down To Eat, How To Run A Half-Marathon And More

There are hundreds of wonderful sites on healthy living to be seen all over the blogosphere. Here at Fit Links, we'll introduce you to some that have caught our eye.

We spend a lot of time reading and writing about how we could all use to spend less time sitting. But mealtime is one time we encourage you to sit -- for your health. FitSugar explains why.

Ready to take your running to the next level? Fit Bottomed Girls shares tips and a training plan for how to run a half marathon.

What if I fall, what if I'm sweaty, what if I (gasp) pass gas?! SparkPeople answers your most embarrassing yoga questions.

Sure, it's a tasty sweetener but honey is also loaded with health perks. Check out these four surprising ones from Well + Good.

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