09/20/2012 11:52 am ET

Jimmy Kimmel Prank Planned For 2012 Emmy Awards (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel is planning to unveil the "biggest prank ever" at the 2012 Emmy Awards.

Kimmel, host of the 64th Emmy Awards, has been planning a prank to end all pranks.

“I am gonna do something very weird during the show," the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host told Entertainment Weekly. "I think it could possibly be the biggest prank ever pulled, as far as number of people involved. Possibly. I haven’t researched it, but it’ll definitely be right up there. The audience will be a participant in this. So it’s important that you watch because you’re either going to be in on it or not.”

EW's Mandi Bierly speculated that the 44-year-old might "instruct at-home viewers to tweet that some scandalous thing that just happened at the Emmys, and the people who aren’t watching the show won’t know that it didn’t really happen."

Kimmel has not given any details regarding the prank, but he has been dropping plenty of hints.

He told KABC-TV that you need to watch the Emmys to be in on the prank. "I can't tell you what it is because it would ruin it," Kimmel told ABC reporter George Pennacchio. "But I promise, if you're watching the show, you will be in on the prank. If you are not watching the show, you will be a prankee."

He also revealed plans to prank his parents.

"I'm planning to embarrass my parents on the show," Kimmel told KABC-TV. "I have been huddling with my brother and sister trying to come up with the perfect thing because I figure this is the biggest audience I've ever had on television -- 20 million people -- what can I say about my parents that will make my mom mad at me afterwards?"

Kimmel may very well be the king of pranks.

On "JKL," he regularly features hilarious tomfoolery which often involves kids. He has hooked a child up to a fake lie detector test to get him to spill his secret. He also made parents trick their kids into thinking they ate all their Halloween candy and got them terrible Christmas presents.

Not only is Kimmel the host, he is also a nominee. His show "JKL" was nominated in the Outstanding Variety Series category. The funny man has previously hosted the American Music Awards and ESPY Awards.

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The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards airs Sunday, Sept. 23, starting at 4 p.m. on ABC.



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