09/20/2012 06:12 pm ET Updated Sep 21, 2012

Loba, Rescued Dog, Makes Miraculous Recovery At Argentina Shelter (GRAPHIC PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Loba, a dog rescued from the brink of death by animal rights advocates in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has made an astounding recovery and is now awaiting adoption while living at a volunteer's home.

Volunteers from Proyecto 4 Patas ("Project 4 Paws") found the dog after someone called and reported her lying destitute in the street, malnourished and suffering from a grisly, maggot-infested wound.


Proyecto 4 Patas claims that the maggots had eaten half of Loba's face by the time they rescued her. Given the circumstances, some people might have been disheartened and given up on the dog. But volunteers took Loba to Clinica de Morón, a local animal hospital, where she was put under the care of veterinarian Jimena Tello, according to a HuffPost translation of the official Proyecto 4 Patas Facebook page.

The gallery below contains graphic images, but it also documents the dog's amazing three-month recovery period.

Requests for details from Proyecto 4 Patas were not returned as of press time, but based on posts to the organization's Facebook timeline, Loba appears to have been rescued some time in late May or early June. The most recent photos of her, posted in late August, show that her wounds are healing.

The dog left the clinic on June 11 and was moved to a temporary home. According to Reddit user "Zallynha," who posted the gallery of the recovery to the social news site, Loba is now up for adoption.

In the video above, Loba, who still bears some scarring from her ordeal, appears happy in her temporary home. She plays and wags her tail with an enthusiasm that some would think impossible given what she's been through.

The Reddit community reacted positively to Loba's story, with many users requesting information about making donations to Proyecto 4 Patas.

Loba is not the first "miracle dog" to make news lately. Earlier this week, HuffPost featured the story of Patrick, an abused dog that recovered from the brink of starvation after being left for dead in a trash chute.

Donations to Proyecto 4 Patas can be made over the Internet, but it is an international transaction, so certain steps are required before money can be sent. Reddit user "RandomQuestioning" explained the process on the thread about Loba, but it has not been verified by HuffPost.

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WARNING: Graphic Photos