09/20/2012 04:42 am ET Updated Sep 20, 2012

'The X Factor' Meets 'Cops' As Contestant Steals $3,000 Mic Pack (VIDEO)

The law had to get involved when one contestant on "The X Factor" decided it was time to spite the "devil worshiping" judges. They'd walked out on 19-year-old Deangelo Wallace's audition, so he decided to return the favor and walk out with the $3,000 mic pack he'd used during his audition.

After annoying L.A. Reid and the rest of the panel with his delusions of grandeur, Wallace took on a Chris Brown song and absolutely butchered it. This led to crowd boos and that aforementioned sight of the judges just walking out on him.

Wallace was arrested just outside, but he was singing about it and seemed excited about the whole thing. "I’m getting arrested, but I’ll be out in a few hours,” he sang, later adding, "I get to ride in the front seat! I’m a celebrity!"

According to TMZ, though, police simply escorted him back inside, where he returned the equipment and was not booked for a crime. At least his antics got him on television, and in the press -- if that's what he was going for.

"The X Factor" auditions continue Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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