09/21/2012 05:13 pm ET

Twain Harte Neighbors Square Off In Battle Of Porn vs. Gospel Music

"Twain Harte is located in Tuolumne County and there is not much to do there," wrote the Modesto Bee of the tiny California town. "If you love big trees, forests and loneliness, then this city may be a great place for you."

But if you aren't a fan of gospel music, this little town on the edge of the Stanislaus National Forest may not be the best place to live.

When a Twain Harte man, who for obvious reason declined to be publicly identified, became fed up with his neighbor's constant blasting of gospel music, he retaliated by moving his big screen TV to his back deck and loudly playing a porn video right back.

"Just to kind of give them a taste of offensive play there, just a little payback," the man told CBS Sacramento. "But why a little payback? It turns out they play a lot of gospel music. That's right, gospel music, and I can't stand it…one day it went on for 12 hours and my dog was howling and it was bad."

In turn, the gospel fans called the police.

While no one is pressing charges, the man--who said he's planning on moving soon--conceded his big screen pornographic revenge might not been the most mature course of action.

"Yeah, like I said, not the best choice, but you know what are you going to do?" he admitted to CBS Sacramento. "After all the commotion, I probably wouldn't have done it."

Even so, porno isn't the worst thing the aggravated neighbor could have played after having to unintentionally listen to gospel. He could have followed the lead of the guards at Guantanamo Bay and played songs from Sesame Street on an endless loop.

This begs a question as old as time itself: would you rather listen to people having sex or "Rubber Duckie"?