09/21/2012 09:09 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Fall Skincare Guide: How We're Undoing All The Sun Damage We Incurred This Summer

It's September 21st, you guys. Summer is officially over. Now that the heat has tempered and tans are starting to fade, it's time to revive our now blah-looking, not-so-glowy skin. No doubt we spent a decent amount of time in the sun, but with crisper, drier temps on the horizon, it could all add up to a dry, scaly mess. But fear not: Heed the following fall skincare tips below, and stock up on this season's latest hydrating cures. Healthy, luminous skin awaits.

Visit the dermatologist: First thing's first, schedule an appointment for a skin check with a doctor. All that sunshine might have introduced a few new freckles or spots -- all worthy of a once-over by a professional.

Deep-pore cleansing: We don't doubt that you've been slathering on extra sunscreen these past few months (right?), so your skin is likely looking and feeling kind of dull. Clear out clogged pores by applying a clay mask a few days a week. This is the jump-start your skin needs to render all those glowifying products truly effective.

Thorough exfoliation: Now that pores are clear, buff away the last of dead skin cells on the surface. But don't go aggro on your face -- be delicate. Look for a gentle face polish or Clarisonic (which has the option for sensitive brush heads). AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) will smooth away any roughness, while ingredients like rose oil will help soften, as well as brighten.

Banish dark spots: Antioxidants are essential for evening out discoloration and hyper-pigmentation caused by harsh elements. Tone-improving ingredients like vitamin C, seaweed and green tea which will get rid brown spots and blotchiness, while evening and illuminating skin's appearance.

Reinstate your glow (without the sun): Even though you're not as tan, healthy, hydrated skin should naturally radiate. Keep it nourished by applying an oil or serum in the morning and at night.

Don't forget sunscreen: Just because it's not as bright out doesn't mean the sun is any less powerful -- and damaging. Keep your face protected, even though the days are getting grayer.

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Fall Skin Revival Guide