09/21/2012 08:42 am ET Updated Nov 21, 2012

Fox Developing Modern 'Hamlet' Drama Set In Washington DC

Fox has bought America's Son, a drama from writer Paul Redford, Amblin TV and Sony Pictures TV. Described as part juicy soap, part paranoid political thriller set in Washington DC, America's Son is a sophisticated contemporary spin on William Shakespeare's Hamlet. When a beloved presidential hopeful dies in a tragic car wreck, a renegade JFK Jr. type returns home to D.C. to discover his father's death was no accident -- and he makes it his mission to untangle a complicated web of family secrets, expose the truth and ultimately avenge the murder. Redford has background in both dramas about the inner working of Washington DC -- he spent five seasons on The West Wing, which he joined after the pilot -- and soaps -- he did a stint as a co-executive producer on ABC's Dirty Sexy Money.