09/21/2012 07:50 am ET

Visiting The World's Remotest Airports (PHOTOS)

The world may be wrapped in a net of air routes, but there are still vast empty spaces between hubs. Whether tropical or freezing -- most are one or the other -- the world's most remote airports provide travelers with access to the previously inaccessible whether they are on an expedition to see the giant stone heads of Easter Island or the giant bears of Greenland.

There are, of course, two ways to define the remoteness of airports -- their distance from civilization and their distance from the nearest airport. One must weigh both of these factors when measuring remoteness because, in the modern world, distance is often measured by inconvenience rather than mileage: It is easier to get from New York to Atlanta than from Baltimore to Stone Mountain.

The airports that make our list may run the gamut between small and large, trafficked and nearly empty, even moveable and fixed, but they each provide arriving fliers with the unique experience of visiting a distant corner of the world and joining the club that forms around having been somewhere few others have.

Prepare to land in the middle of nowhere.