09/21/2012 05:19 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

The Stylelist Network Takes On Marc Jacobs

Every girl can attest that Marc Jacobs does no wrong. From fashion, to bags to fragrance, Marc Jacobs continuously styles with an upbeat spirit balancing modernity and elegance. The newest addition to the Marc Jacobs world is the must have fragrance, Dot.

Dot is a personal signature for Marc Jacobs, inspired by his love of polka dots, a favorite theme he has returned to time and again. The polka dot is an iconic symbol of charm and elegance—a stylish, offbeat motif that is energetic and full of life. With a playful wink, Dot expresses the polka dot pattern that inspired it.

In this vein, Marc Jacobs collaborated with our Stylelist Network to showcase the inspiration of a polka dot wardrobe while captivating the character and aesthetic of the fragrance Dot. Some were inspired by the lush, juicy floral fragrance while others were inspired by the exuberant and whimsical bottle, portraying the silhouette of a butterfly. Each ‘Stylelista’ captures a timeless chic while adding an animated energy, charm and spirit. Check out how our Stylelist Network is inspired by Dot!

The Stylelist Network Takes On Marc Jacobs Dot