09/21/2012 04:43 am ET

'Wipeout' Season Finale: 'Prettiest Teacher In The World' Hits The Course In Back-To-School Special (VIDEO)

With summer coming to a close and the television fall season picking up steam, it was only fitting that "Wipeout" bid an appropriate farewell to its season of summer fun. The show of hard hits and big splashes went out with a back-to-school theme, filling their roster of contestants exclusively with teachers.

One teacher in particular stood out, as she was either boasting to boost her confidence, or she may be the most confident teacher in the world.

"I'm the prettiest teacher in the whole world!” she declared at one point. "I’m the best teacher ever! Yeah! I’ve always been super smart so I had to pass on my smartness to the kids! Woo!"

Her students probably appreciate her willingness to share all that smartness with them, and they should definitely feel fortunate to have the prettiest teacher in the whole world standing in front of them!

While fans may be sad to say goodbye, "Wipeout" has been renewed for a sixth season, so there's plenty more mayhem -- and wacky contestants -- to come on ABC.

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