09/22/2012 09:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

8 Bodyweight Exercises For Any Dorm Room

By Katherine Schreiber

Living spaces and schedules can get pretty cramped in college. But that doesn't make squeezing a couple exercises between beds -- or classes! -- impossible. Just under three hours per week of moderate-intensity exercise (the challenge level of a brisk walk) can help reduce heart disease, some cancers, and improve mental health and cognitive function. So in addition to power-walking to those lectures, here are eight moves you can do right in your dorm room.

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What's your favorite exercise to do in a small space? Tell us if you've tried any or all of these moves in your own living space in the comments below!

Bodyweight Exercises For Any Dorm Room

Dude, you totally just rocked your room. And probably weirded the heck out of your roommate. But you got that full-body workout in, so kudos to you. Now hop in the shower and get that butt to class!

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