09/22/2012 02:11 pm ET

Five States That Donate The Most To Presidential Campaigns: CNBC

The states that donate the most money to presidential campaigns are among the largest and most populous in the country. Places like California, Texas and New York have enormous populations that make generous lump sum political donations.

Yet when the data is mined to determine which states are the largest donors on a per-household basis, however, the picture changes. On that score, some states with small populations and scant Electoral College votes are among the largest donors when the data is calculated.

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Using data from the Federal Election Commission, presents the following list of 10 states that donated the most to presidential campaigns in 2012, by number of households. The number of households per state is taken from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Total statewide political contributions include total private donations of $200 or more. On that basis, if a single donor contributed one dollar 200 times, the aggregate sum made the cut. Meanwhile, a donor who made a single contribution of $199 wasn’t counted.

Read below to see which states donate the most to presidential campaigns, by number of households per state. Or see the entire list at CNBC.

States That Donate The Most To Presidential Campaigns