09/23/2012 07:30 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2012

Kevin Ogletree Trips On Hat Of Replacement Referee During Cowboys-Buccaneers Game (VIDEO)

The replacement refs continued to make headlines for the wrong reasons in Week 3.

On 3rd and 12 on Tampa Bay's 13-yard line, Dallas receiver Kevin Ogletree broke to the end zone while Tony Romo scrambled to his right to escape the Buccaneers' pass rush. But as Ogletree made his way to the back corner, a replacement official threw his hat in the area and the wideout tripped over it. Romo threw a pass across the field toward Ogletree but it fell incomplete.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports' Shutdown Corner pointed out that referees usually throw their hats on the field when a receiver runs out of bounds and then comes back in, which would make him ineligible. But according to USA Today, Ogletree was close to stepping out of bounds on his route but clearly stayed in.

It was unclear whether the play would have resulted in a touchdown.

Fortunately for Dallas and the referee, Tampa Bay was unable to capitalize Ogletree was unharmed. Dallas went on to win 16-10.