09/24/2012 09:49 pm ET Updated Nov 21, 2012

Anjelica Huston's House Turning Into The Venice Social Club: Report (PHOTOS)

After languishing on the market for two years, Anjelica Huston's famed "Fortress" in Venice, Calif. will live on as an exclusive new social club.

The "Smash" actress recently accepted a $12 million offer on her artist compound from the proposed Venice Social Club, reports Page Six of the New York Post. Page Six got a hold of the investment proposal, which contains this statement from Huston: "I bestow my heartfelt support for Venice Social Club Holdings’ intention to create a community gathering space that honors Venice’s unique legacy at 69 Winward Ave."

The club's proposal lists possible amenities like a farm-to-table restaurant and gallery, as well as activities that include cultural programming and "gourmet bathing."

For us plebs who can only afford to take part in just regular bathing (showers are so last year), gourmet bathing activities include hot-springs excursions, surfing and seltzer-water tastings, explains Page Six.

Yearly membership to the Venice Social club will cost $2,000, notes Page Six. In comparison, fees for the SoHo House in West Hollywood start at $900.

Huston's compound was designed by her late husband Robert Graham, a world-famous sculptor. The main home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and three half-bathrooms. There's also a three-floor studio, designed by Graham's son Steven Graham. It contains a gallery, dance room, workshop and communal kitchen. Probable "gourmet bathing" features include a pool, jacuzzi and Venice Beach, which is just two blocks away.

Huston had initially listed the compound for $18 million, two years after her husband passed away.

Photos by Stephen Walter, courtesy of the official listing from 2010.

Anjelica Houston's Home

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly spelled Anjelica Huston's name. We apologize for the error. The story was also updated to include mention of studio designer Steven Graham.