09/24/2012 10:17 am ET

Arturo Jose Reyes Allegedly Throws Acid On Woman In San Diego Attack

A San Diego woman is being treated for second-degree burns after a stranger allegedly threw acid on her outside of a laundromat.

Police say the woman, whose name has not been released, entered the laundromat on Saturday before 6 a.m. when a man got out of a BMW and confronted her. He then tossed a liquid over her face, back and arms, NBC San Diego reports. Officials later identified the liquid as sulfuric acid.

Police believe the attacker was 55-year-old Arturo Jose Reyes. Reyes was arrested about 20 minutes after the attack after allegedly causing a disturbance at a gas station.

The situation is "a very strange case," Sgt. Ray Battick told UTS San Diego. "The man had never met the woman before; he was a total stranger."

If found guilty, Reyes faces life in prison.

He has been charged assault with a caustic chemical, aggravated mayhem, vandalism and being under the influence of a controlled substance.



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