09/24/2012 11:47 am ET

Crocodile Gets Loose On Qantas Airplane

A Qantas baggage handler got a nasty shock last week after discovering that a crocodile that had been caged amid the plane's cargo had gotten loose and was prowling around the belly of the plane.

Qantas confirmed the event to The Sydney Morning Herald, but reassured travelers that, "the animal was quickly and safely secured when the aircraft arrived in Melbourne."

According to The Age, the cargo company responsible for packing the animal onto the flight is investigating how it managed to mastermind its jailbreak.

The incident is, of course, merely the latest in a long line of unwanted animal events on planes or in airports -- at least one of which has been dramatized by a Samuel L. Jackson film. While many incidents, like the apprehension of men trying to board a plan in Jakarta with 40 pythons, are issues of smugglings, others, like a cat sneaking on a flight to Disney World, are just the result of animals being animals.