09/24/2012 03:08 pm ET

Hari Kondabolu Explains Why 'The Mindy Project' Is Good For Indian-Americans On 'Totally Biased' (VIDEO)

Mindy Kaling's new show "The Mindy Project" represents something great for Indian-Americans, according to comedian and "Totally Biased" writer Hari Kondabolu. Finally, Indian-Americans are represented so widely in mainstream pop culture that he can talk crap about other Indian-Americans without holding back.

"There's now enough Indian people that I don't have to like you just because you're Indian. Because growing up, I had no choice but to like this," Hari said, pointing to a picture of Apu from "The Simpsons." "If I saw Hank Azaria doing that voice at a party, I would kick the shit out of him."

Now Hari is allowed to say what he really thinks about prominent Indian-Americans like Bobby Jindal ("against abortion and gay marriage, so you can go to hell") Dinesh D'Souza ("you made the new anti-Obama movie, so I wish you didn't exist"), the dudes in the Metro PCS commercials and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Watch the web-only clip from "Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell," which recently got picked up for another 7-episode cycle on FX, above.



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