09/24/2012 06:55 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2012

iPhone 5 Problems: Users' Biggest Issues With Apple's New Handset

Apple says it sold a staggering 5 million iPhones in the device's first weekend in stores. That's faster than any iPhone has sold before.

But once people took home their taller, slimmer, 4G LTE-enabled handsets, some began noticing quirks that weren't apparent in the store.

From WiFi connectivity problems to odd noises coming from inside the device, here are the nine biggest complaints users have noted about the iPhone 5 (so far). After reading about the snafus, check out what critics have to say about the device in our review roundup.

Are you one of the millions of Apple customers who bought the iPhone 5 during its first few days of availability? Have you noticed anything odd about the handset? Leave your thoughts in the comments, tweet at us (@HuffPostTech) or email us (

9 Biggest Complaints About The iPhone 5