09/24/2012 01:11 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2012

Vanessa Paradis Dating Carla Bruni's Ex Benjamin Biolay, Rumor Says

Nobody can accuse Vanessa Paradis of wasting any time after her relationship with Johnny Depp ended in June. Since the split with her boyfriend of 14 years, the model was linked to French millionaire Guy-David Gharbi. Now, it looks like Vanessa has gone into Carla Bruni's little black book to find her latest rumored paramour.

Well, not exactly. The Daily Mail is claiming that Karl Lagerfeld actually set up newly single Vanessa with her new beau, French singer Benjamin Biolay (he's kind of a big deal over there, in case you've never heard of him). A "Paris spy" told the Daily Mail: "They’re the same age and have similar backgrounds in music, so Karl was keen for them to meet." Who knew Karl was such a yenta?

If you're waiting for an official confirmation or, at the very least, a single photograph of the rumored pair together, you may have the right idea though. Reports of Carla Bruni's alleged affair with Biolay were the talk of Paris in 2010, but the claims weren't exactly rock solid. Biolay even took news channel France 24 to court for broadcasting the rumors.

But if you're like us and enjoy a little romance rumor now and then, here's another tidbit from the Daily Mail's source: Benjamin recorded a duet with Vanessa called "Enjoy" for his latest album. Sounds like a match made in heaven, n'est-ce pas? After all, Vanessa is a chanteuse in her own right, releasing a slew of albums since the early '90s in addition to modeling. And since Johnny Depp has also reportedly moved on (he's been linked to his "Rum Diary" co-star Amber Heard), we imagine that he'll give his seal of approval on Vanessa's new relationship.

We'll have to wait and see if the rumors are true and Vanessa is in fact dating Benjamin. But this leaves us with one lingering question: what does Carla think about all of this?

Check out Vanessa Paradis' style evolution. Do you think the rumors are true?

Vanessa Paradis' Style Evolution

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