09/25/2012 12:23 pm ET

Little Girl Dressed In Fox Costume Steals The Show During Russian Ballet Performance (VIDEO)

While we didn't think we would find any ballet recital videos more amusing than the 2-year-old prima ballerinas duking it out on stage, this recently unearthed clip of a child dressed in a fox costume stealing the spotlight may take the prize.

YouTube user SergeyBurlak first uploaded the video in January with an explanation that it was shot during the "Feast Of The New Year" show at Energy fitness club in Russia.

What he does not explain, however, is why one little ballerina -- dressed classically in a pink leotard and white tights -- is being upstaged by a younger and notably less-graceful little fox. The dancer acts as though she doesn't see the fox. The fox tries to keep up with the dancer. Nobody in the audience even lets out a giggle.

Online commenters on Reddit have been quick to blame "bad parenting," but we're not convinced. Maybe her choreography is part of the show, or perhaps she is an excellent reminder that no matter your skill level, you can always become a star.