09/25/2012 02:16 am ET Updated Sep 25, 2012

'How I Met Your Mother' Premiere: Ted And The Mother Share A Scene (VIDEO)

By the end of what could turn out to be the final season premiere of "How I Met Your Mother," Ted was poised to meet "the mother." They shared a scene together, which the creators confirmed was the moment they meet, according to TVLine. But that moment is still "a little ways down the road."

First, though, there were all those plot threads from the finale to deal with. As well as the revelation, which may prove surprising to non-parents, that new parents see the world as if looking through an aquarium.

The other big event happening "a little ways down the road" is the wedding of Barney and Robin, but how to get there from 2012? The foundation of that was set when Barney revealed to Robin that he had a box hidden in a storage locker filled with mementos of their relationship. No matter how happy he is with Quinn, he's not over her. And no matter how happy she is with her new set of abs, she's not over him, either.

Ted, meanwhile, decided that Victoria can't run away from her wedding without a note. Through a series of mishaps, he learned that her German groom was also trying to run away from the nuptials, because while Victoria is great, but she's not his "the one." From the look on Ted's face, he realized the same.

The story moves toward its conclusion -- this season? -- on "How I Met Your Mother," Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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