09/25/2012 02:21 pm ET

Identical Twin Attack Ads: John Ennis Of 'Mr. Show' Spoofs Campaign Ads (VIDEO)

It's hard to believe that some people still don't know who they're voting for at this point in the 2012 presidential race, but imagine how much harder it would be for those people if Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were identical twins?

Actually, don't think about that one for too long. The point is that John Ennis, comedian of "Mr. Show" fame, stars in this funny sketch from Brute Squad on Funny Or Die where he plays two candidates for Senate who are (you guessed it) identical twin brothers.

See, on one hand you have Jack Gillis, the one with the raccoon hat and gratuitous stock footage of cows, and John Gillis, the "smart one" who would never do anything even remotely inappropriate with a stripper (even if it was legal in that county). Watch their dueling attack ads in the sketch above and see if you can keep track of who's whom.



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