09/25/2012 02:37 pm ET

Joshua McLean Shot, Killed While Trying To Sell Guns Over Craigslist

A Tennessee man was fatally shot last weekend during a meeting with two men who had answered a Craigslist ad for guns.

Joshua McLean, 30, and his brother drove to meet the potential buyers at a shopping center parking lot in Nashville on Saturday night, News Channel 5 reports.

McLeans' brother told officials that he heard two gunshots when Joshua got out of his car. The brother got out of his own vehicle and found McLean lying on the ground, bleeding.

The two suspects, who have not been identified, sped away in an unknown vehicle.

Joshua McLean, a veteran who built houses for a living, was taken to a local hospital and died later that night.

The guns McLean had been trying to sell were all recovered from the scene of the shooting. The weapon used to kill McLean was not among them.

His widow, Lauren McLean, told WSMV that her late husband had sold firearms online in the past with no problems. The two had been married for just six weeks, according to News Channel 5.

Though selling guns online is completely legal in Tennessee, Craigslist rules do prohibit users from selling firearms on the site.

Nashville firearms salesman Bill Bernstein advises potential buyers and sellers to always be cautious when conducting business over the Internet.

It's good advice. In November 2011, an Ohio man and teen were charged with murder after allegedly killing a jobseeker responding to a bogus Craigslist ad.

The year before, Jim and Charlene Sanders of Washington State advertised a diamond ring for sale over Craigslist. When the couple opened their door to people posing as prospective buyers, the Sanders and their children were brutally murdered.