09/25/2012 11:51 am ET

Kathleen Kane Fires Back At GOP Group Airing False Attack Ad

The Republican State Leadership Committee continued on Monday night to run an erroneous television ad against Pennsylvania's Democratic Attorney General candidate after promising on Friday to replace it with a factually correct version, prompting the candidate, Kathleen Kane, to call the group and her opponent "liars."

The ad, which began airing in the Philadelphia area on Thursday, charges that Kane, a Lackawanna County prosecutor, is "soft" on rapists because she allegedly made a weak plea deal in a rape case. The father of the rape victim called the ad a "lie" in a letter to Kane's campaign on Friday and said Kane had not actually prosecuted that case.

"I know that’s a lie, because it was my daughter that was the victim in the case," he wrote in the letter.

The victim's father said the RSLC "should be ashamed" of the ad, and he demanded that the committee and Kane's Republican opponent, Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed, take it off the air. "If they can't convince people to vote for him without lying, he should not even be running," he wrote.

The RSLC acknowledged the error on Friday and agreed to replace the ad. “Following the issuance of statements from those close to the case that did not come until today, the RSLC has chosen to remove the reference to the case and instead focus on numerous other instances in which Kane failed Pennsylvania victims of abuse,” the committee said in a statement.

The ad continued to run in Philadelphia over the weekend. A spokesperson for the RSLC told the Philadelphia Daily News on Sunday that the edited version would start airing "Monday at the latest," but as of Monday night, the original ad was still being aired, according to several Philadelphia residents.

Kane told The Huffington Post that her campaign is "working very hard" to try to get Freed and the RSLC to take down the ad and tell the truth.

"They were liars in the ad, they lied about taking it down, and Dave Freed knows it's a lie but doesnt have the guts to stand up and say it," Kane said. "And that's not what we need in an attorney general."

"I believe it's only because we presented the evidence and the facts that led them to agree it was a lie," she added. "They should have done that themselves."

The RSLC and Freed's campaign did not respond to requests for comment.



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